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EMTE Sistemas is a company with more than 25 years experience in the integration of technically complex solutions for control and communications systems, maritime and air navigation systems, and systems for airport control, and industrial process automation. EMTE Sistemas delivers turnkey projects using the latest, most innovative technology available for each sector. EMTE Sistemas customers are both public and private companies from the aviation, shipping, defense, infrastructure, industry, rail and telecommunications sectors.

Integrated Solutions

EMTE Sistemas offers global, comprehensive and integrated solutions, covering all stages of the project from initial definition, detailed design and engineering, through procurement, installation, integration, commissioning and finally, maintenance. To ensure the continuous improvement in efficiency and productivity of our operations, project methodology is tailored to the specific needs of the customer, and executed in either partnership with the customer or separately, as required.

Value solutions

EMTE Sistemas offers customers its in-depth knowledge and experience of the implementation of a wide range of technological solutions for control centres and communications infrastructures within the rail industry. EMTE Sistemas actively contributes to the evolution of operational models for metros, trams, and rail, both high speed and conventional, by delivering integrated solutions for service improvements in the areas of passenger information, communications, safety and comfort

EMTE Sistemas has a proven capacity and experience in the railway project development in the following areas:

  • Project Solutions
    • Centralized control rooms
    • TETRA and broadband Ground to Train communications, communications infrastructures based on PDH / SDH and IP / MPLS transmisión PDH/SDH and IP/MPLS networks
    • Vertical solutions for technological systems
  • Product Solutions
    • esTRAUSS, OperaTR, Plan TR, TrainCom, Claricor, Industrial Defender and others
    • Technology partners
    • Open solutions and industry standards
  • Project Development
    • Engineering for the entire project cycle
    • Innovation, I+D+I solutions (R+D+i)
    • Project Management
    • Support and maintenance: Customer Services
  • Line and station facilites
    • Communications: IP and SDH, Ground to Train TETRA and broadband
    • Passenger information: intercom / telephone, passenger information panels, master clock
    • Control and supervision of electromechanical installations, HV / LV, DC, catenary isolators
    • Security: CCTV, access control, anti-intrusion
    • Validation / Ticketing
    • Signallinge & Tracking
    • Platform screen doors
  • Advanced Communications
    • Network configuration for optimal quality of service
    • Network architecture design for high availability
    • Experience in specific engineering solutions in the rail sector
    • Rail specification equipment
    • Continuity of services for users inside the train
    • Embedded systems for communication and support for railway operations