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Multidisciplinary integration platform for the operation and maintenance of rail infrastructures. Incorporating modular and functional integration control systems for electromechanical installations and communications.

With a modular design (see INTEGRABLE MODULES), the implementation of the solution esTRAUSS requires three distinct stages.

objetivos y ventajas


The first step is the choice of the native functionality offered by the system along with and customer specific functions and display criteria.

Supply software and hardware.

Operator screen configuration.

Development of customer specific functions.

Advanced Platform

This second step covers the choice of extended functionality that would not normally be covered by a classical supervision system but which add value to the solution.

Inter-system communication

Network security: Specific software and hardware elements for industrial environments.

SAE/GIS - Operations Support Systems and Geographical Information Systems.

Management, configuration and support

The third stage concerns the management of the project because the size of such solutions requires a work methodology to ensure compliance with planning and quality and to ensure the future maintainability of the system.

Project management: planning, budget, requirements and quality.

System configuration.

Support services: Maintenance, Evolution Support.