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EMTE Sistemas has over 15 years experience of active participation in various public transport projects, specifically within the rail environment.

Our supervision and control system is the result of more than 15 years of accumulated experience in the sector, working with a range of different customers in the areas of automation, supervision and systems integration.


A centralized control center where all the information required for handling operations is available using a common interface, greatly simplifies, and optimizes the operation of the installations. This type of system needs to handle a large number of signals which must be processed in real time and within a multidisciplinary technological environment. A basic requirement is therefore the integration of heterogeneous, multivendor systems such as CCTVs, intercom, public address, remote indicators, etc.

EMTE sistemas has a strong team of developers dedicated exclusively to support and development of this product. It is designed with an open architecture, is flexible and robust and allows the integration of specific technologies which may be found in a particular installation. The use of technologies based on open systems ensures our system is future-proof.



  • High performance and availability.
  • Architecture: Intel, Itanium, PA-RISC.
  • Multi-platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows.
  • Hierarchical, real-time, object-oriented database.
  • Dynamic changes in the database allowing you to add / delete stations and devices.

Real-time data acquisition

  • Real-time event generation.
  • Field timestamped data.
  • Miliseconds resolution.
  • No loss of data.
  • Several communication protocols: MODBUS TCP, IEC- 870-5/104, DNP 3.0, and others.