Objectives and Advantages



Change in operating scenarios:
"Unmanned stations".

Increased train frequency.
Specific solutions for metros, trams and /or urban rail maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Need for advanced technology for Centralized Control.

Increase in security.

To ensure passenger comfort.


objetivos y ventajas


Integrated Management

  • An application for multiple systems.
  • Single graphical user interface: station layouts with location of devices.
  • Integrated alarms and unified user management.

Improved operational efficiency

  • Operator station adapted to the user profile.
  • Operation in multimedia environment voice, data and video.
  • Global Overview of Infrastructure.
  • Centralized display of systems and integration with GIS.
  • Quick and easy navigation between applications in real time.

Improved quality of service

  • Integrated statistics for all applications.
  • Unified incident analysis.
  • User-defined displays for historical data and trending.

Standard, modular architecture

  • Open interfaces for integration with third-party applications.
  • Communications platform (CORBA, Java, C++).
  • Available for multiple operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows) and hardware platforms.